Chrono Clock: Short Visual Novel Review

While Chrono Clock has an interesting concept, is just another moege. That alone never really makes me detract points away from it, as you pretty much know what you’re going to get with a moege. It’s like expecting mind breaking twists in a comedy movie. And honestly, as a Moege, I like it a lot, the characters are interesting and charming. Note that I didn’t really say cute, which is more of the norm in moege. Basically, it’s more than just the basics, the characters do feel like they had time put into them(not all of them, but still). I enjoyed this one over Noble Works(take it as you may as my favorite route was in the minority’s pick) or Dracu Riot and especially over Evangile(due to common story), not because the story is more interesting, more coherent or overall just better. It’s just plainly charming. It’s a simple story, you have a watch that reminds back time for 5 minutes, but you can only use it once an hour. And you follow his dumb hijinks of just trying to get money and trying to hit on girls and resetting the time if he fails. Another thing to note is that the time aspect doesn’t get old, it doesn’t get repeated much and it does grow into a larger plot development way later on.

The music is quite good, or at least it fits in my style. Only thing that weirds me out is that a part of “her choice” sounds like one of Fal’s themes from Symphonic Rain. Sin and Kindness was also pretty good. Funny enough, I find the OP rather bare bones, I didn’t feel like it captured the charm of the novel and it made it seem more generic than what it actually is.
There really is no route order, but two of them are locked until you complete the rest. I went with Misaki, Michiru, Dorothy then Makoto.

The tsundere of the cast, a year younger than the mc and his sister’s classmate. Likes the violin. While I actually like her character she gets screwed over in terms of having a lackluster route. This becomes more evident in her parts in the Cro route as it can be powerful to certain readers. All in all, she’s the classical tsundere aside that the hate/love dance quiets down quickly and she becomes more of a normal person that just gets angry/embarrassed quickly. She’s also the one that loves the MC the most out of the group.

MC’s sister, horny for MC all the bloody time. Kind of a prodigy but is blind. To me, she’s the opposite of Misaki’s case. I don’t like her all that much but her scenario was heartwarming and well done.

From the UK. While I like her, they put so many types on her. She’s the transfer student, is your maid in the meantime, the otaku, the dita and the fiance(alongside the other one that is part of her route). And she’s the one that’s way to into Japan just for the food and anime. She has this annoying thing that everybody with a second and third language, and that’s adding words from your strongest language in place of the word in the others’ language. So in Japan, supposedly they saw english text randomly in the writing. For the english version, we get random japanese.
Outside of all that, while the route isn’t unique as it’s done before, it’s still charming and easy to route for her happiness.

Her family is part of a type of yakuza, or the actual yakuza, it’s been awhile. She has a rough side but for the most part she’s “girliest” of the girls. To the point that she’s embarrassed when somebody notices her fawning over some cute thing. Anyways, she has the coolest of the four main routes and she herself is an enjoyable character.

This is the best route in the novel. A god that is experiencing fear and love alongside other emotions for the first time due to circumstances. While that’s going along, the other 4 heroines of the previous routes all have scenes in this route that further cement their personality and emotions for the MC with acceptance, anger and sadness. She’s my favorite.

And there’s more, but you can see it on your own when you get to it.

And the best character is not any of these characters(I really like Cro though), but the main character and his best friend(who should’ve had more screen time) and their relationship of nonstop making fun of each other throughout the common story. It’s not as good as Sunohara from Clannad, but he’s also different to begin with. Sunohara was the comic relief while not being one dimensional. This guy just really doesn’t care how people see him and calls on your(the MC) bullshit all the time.

In short, the novel is charming. Don’t expect anything mindbreaking if it’s a moege, it’s meant to just provide a good time. It just does more than what it needed to, they’re not just characters that are cute 90% of the time. In a sense, that kind of destroys the norm of moege, but I’d like to see that more often(like Shizuru from Noble Works). In terms of moege, I’d give it an A, otherwise it’s a C~B. The lower score can’t be helped when Misaki who’s not a bad character, gets a bad route. It’s like having a good car with flat tires.

Also, an important note is that like most, the unrated version isn’t necessary. Sure, it gives a tiny bit on each character’s personality, but overall you can skip it.

Super on time best VN I’ve read in 2016

I thought of doing one of these a year, actually had to go back and do some looking to see what I finished after December. Splitting it between the conventional most liked/disliked, but also a surprising/disappointing. And these will actually be in order, since the list can be so much smaller
Note: I took out some of the moeges outside the disappointing because I have no idea why I expected so much from one.

Most liked:


While the anime does it well enough, it does a disservice of explaining the After Story and the other world. Also, it has Kappei(and not having characters cry about not being the girlfriend(wtf Ryou, he barely talked to you)) where you rarely see the mc spending time with them. Otherwise, whatever you ended up crying on in the anime, you’d still cry in the novel, which I feel is actually quite impressive since I know what’s going to happen. It does suffer a bit of fluff though. The reason why it’s at the top is because I’m a sucker for a familial oriented story.

The House in Fata Morgana:

This novel is a damn masterpiece. The music, the atmosphere, the art, the story telling, they’re all amazing. The weakest part(which is still fine), is that the first chapter has a slow start, and the epilogue could have been better(but I also feel it was an appropriate way of handing it).

Umineko;When They Cry 4

I finished 3 on the beginning of January so I don’t think it’s valid to put here. And honestly, I do think it’s better overall than 4. But that doesn’t take away from how good 4 is, mainly the first two chapters. The third chapter was necessary but should have been obvious by then. And while I actually really liked the fourth chapter, it felt like that wasn’t supposed to be the ending for this kind of theme but it was so endearing that I didn’t give a crap. For the most part, this is an easy pick; The music is great, the voice acting is great and the story is quite compelling albeit dragged out at times only to be demonstrated as necessary for future scenes.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

This one is conflicting, because there’s routes that I loved while also finding routes that I found were a waste of time. Funny enough, there’s two routes that fight for my favorite(Michiru and Chisato), one of them being hated on by the good part of its readers. Yet the route I hated most had the heroine most people liked, lol. There’s no point in me saying that, I just thought it was pretty funny that it happened this way.
Anyways, the insert songs were quite good, and it made me like specific parts a lot more than if they weren’t included.

Cho Dengeki Stryker:

Is the writing compelling or does it heavily tug at your heart-strings, no. But it’s stupidly fun and nostalgic of the types of shows I used to watch when I was little. And that was their whole goal with this one, and they did it well. Also, you don’t need to bother with the 18+ version. Now that it’s bad, but you don’t get much out of it because all the magic is already in the all ages version.

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days

I believe this one wasn’t well received, though it is a good read. The only issue I had with it was that people I know that read it hyped it up, and it didn’t live to the hype. But it is interesting, albeit actually annoying to move all these parameters around. You’ll die at least like 5 times in the game because of these parameters. The good parts are in the 3rd route, or the conjoined route.


Bunny Black 1:

Bunny Black was actually rather fun. The beginning is the honestly the hardest to get through, as that’s when the main character is the most ruthless and rapey. The difficulty is also pretty damn high in the beginning but it becomes a cakewalk later on. And that’s mainly on the fact on how lenient the skill system is if you use it conservatively. But outside of all that, what I really liked about the game was the sprinkling of world-building as you progress through the story, even building up minor characters. It would be easy to just settle to be the bad guy and just focus on that, but it didn’t and it’s why I put this in surprising. A good game that I assumed a few guys were joking about to just get me to try what looked like a nukige.

Lucy: The eternity she wished for

I wasn’t expecting much for this novel. And to be fair, a good portion of this novel is typical and whatever. But the sections with the professor/scientist and the last quarter of the novel made it memorable to me.


Bad can also mean disappointed, but in a different sense. The ones in the disappointed section are still good, they were just less than I expected or there was something that annoyed me as an individual. These are just bad

Divine Slice of Life:

This feels like a newgrounds dating sim.

Catch Canvas:

To be fair, I knew I was not going to like it. Sometimes I read things like this so I can better appreciate, but it was just so bad, like 10~20% of it was ok.


I liked the blazblue games. This one, not so much. It was ok, but not for what blazblue supposed to be, the story telling should be way better. It did have good parts though, the main character and the villains were the weakest area.

Purino Party:

This is not a vn, this is a puzzle game and then some pictures added. To be fair, this was based on two actual vns. It’s more of a “why even make this”.

Mukou no Yume:

What even was this man, at least it was like 20 minutes.


I was really looking for it, even gave a little on indiegogo. It’s just too short and doesn’t effectively develop the characters to a point that I actually care about them. Though, to be fair, this is a masterpiece compared to the other ones in this section. It’s more in the disappointed side, but has enough faults where I just didn’t enjoy it.


Mainly due to being overpraised(for the most part, they’re all still good, I just had issues with it personally).

Swan Song:

The story was told well and the events are believable. I’ve also seen positive ratings for this. But for the most part, I didn’t care for the cast. And for this kind scenario, that should be one of the main goals. I cared more for side characters than I did for some of the mains. There’s not a huge amount of screen time for the girl on the cover, who is one of the main characters. There was also a rapey type implication in one part of the story, but no one brought it up later. Sure, there was a scene later(I think it was in a bad ending) that had details that showed nothing happened, but then what’s with the implication. It’d be cool if nothing happened and a fight came out due to paranoia, but nothing at all happens, it’s like they forgot that happened.

Princess Evangile:

I’ve rewritten this one a few times. Because I always teeter between hating it and liking it. And I came to the conclusion that the common route why I have negative feelings for it. Sure, having the all girl school going eww boys once can be funny. But that being the problem in every iteration before fixing it was annoying. When you go to the individual routes and go over more with the other characters and it’s really about the mc and the main characters, then I actually liked it. Moreso with the two sisters. I started the fandisk, and I’m honestly having a lot more fun with it.

Soul Link:

This one is my fault due to lack of looking into it. Turns Soul Link has an original and an expanded version while only the original is translated. So I was pretty salty when I didn’t see my favorite character from the anime. Otherwise, it’s just ok, the amount of bad endings can turn people off though.

Koiken Otome:

This one is rather funny because I forgot I was disappointed in it until I ran it one more time. This is an action moege, and it’s pretty good albeit somewhat generic. So why is it disappointing when I knew it was a moege, the start(where you see load/start/config/etc)’s level of detail is so good, it’s like something Persona would do in a 5 seconds instead of an OP. It was so good, it made me rethink what it was going to be and got hyped up(it’s so good, hire these people who made the UI)

Memory’s Dogma:

While it started out rather interesting, the addition to magic(even if slightly rooted to science) disappointed me as they already had a solid concept.

Rest of the list:

(They’re in a loose sort of order, like a lot of tie for the same place)(Also it’d take too long to combine all logos for all theses)
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc(it was pretty fun)
CannonBall(it was actually pretty interesting, but the racing is too trial and error)
Princess Waltz(the card battle was pretty cool, but the routes are more like small branches that leads to the same end)
Nekopara 1(while Chocola sounds annoying, you get used to it. I saw it more like taking care of clingy/kind daughters)
Tokyo Babel(This is pretty cool when action is happening, not so much when they’re trying to make fanservice)
Noble Works
Muvluv Extra/Unlimited(some people hated the Extra portion, but I quite liked a few of the routes at least)
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort(half of the routes are good, the other half is meh)
Danganronpa 2(Just as good as the 1st, but it’s more of the same(some characters are worse, some are better))
Kohime Musou(the gameplay of it really reminded me of Legion Saga, an old rm2k game, so it was nostalgic for me)
Dracu Riot(This would be in the disappointed due to overhype, but I found nothing really wrong with it. It’s a moege with a concept)
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1(for the maid)
Critical Point(this was actually pretty good at points, but I like my scifi settings)
Corona Blossom 2 (There’s a really good scene in this one, the rest is the same old moe stuff)
Corona Blossom 1
Grisaia no Yuukan
WAS: Hourglass Of Lepidoptera
Nekopara 2
Nekopara 0
Figures of Happiness(The characters kind of annoyed me(especially the girlfriend) but the final ending was pretty cool)
-God’s One Day World:(The translation was the worst part, feels like on the level of something I would write honestly(so not good but it can work))

Bunny Black: Surprisingly Good, Visual Novel Review

It’s kind of hard to put this one in a specific area. People who only like vanilla won’t like this. But this also isn’t at the level of a nukige or even worse(there’s a lot of “who even likes this” type genres). It’s still morally bad though, especially in the beginning until you get used to it, and once more right by the end.
The best way to explain it is basically saying this is Rance, except you’re clearly in the bad guy spectrum. And that’s all because you work for the Demon Lord(she’s pretty cool, but because of it, you have to do a lot of captured people). So you technically go against the humans that enter your lair. Yet, the demons you meet as npcs are quite nice, they’re basically just normal people; But that doesn’t really matter to humankind.

Anyways, if that’s sounds like a bad time, then just skip this novel.
This is a normal dungeon crawler, and the difficulty varies on where you are in the game. The common scenario is that it gets harder as you progress. But the hardest part here is the beginning due to having no units for a bit. And it’s not to say the hardest enemies are in the beginning, they’re still the weakest overall. Consider it like you start at 80% difficulty vs you(you’re shit), but you get much stronger in a shorter period of time than the enemies that it equalizes and then you become the OP one.
There is also an added difficulty on how skills are managed. The game provides skill points per level up, and you have a (fucking)lot of skills to choose from, and some only unlock after you invest in others. You can seriously screw yourself over with this, but since I hoard basically anything in games(because I really need these basic potions for the final boss that does more damage than what the potion can heal), I got stupidly op fast. In short, as long as you don’t get every stupid spell in the game you’ll be fine(do you really need all elemental spells, or do you really need all physical skills(go for snipe skills if you want an easy time)).
You only get to go to dungeons through accepting requests from the bulletin board. Story progression is also based on this board. So you can basically stall and do other things without worry(which you will because you want to get a higher heal, or a heal all, stronger skill, etc).

Now, to what makes this game surprisingly good. Yes, the gameplay is semi nostalgic and fun and the cast is entertaining. Yet they stand behind what I really enjoyed about it, world building. You can be grinding for items/money and return to the base and more scenarios just pop off. To explain how the dungeon works and the ranking of their people; Why demons are stronger than people in this world. To demons just being like normal people overall. But more than that, it has a lot of scenarios on the kingdom who’s invading your(your lord’s) dungeon. Sometimes showing characters well before you actually get to meet them. Other times, they just come in randomly since they’re just mercs, and you get to keep on meeting them afterwards. And I still can’t decide who is best girl(I’d like to say Rakia, but I keep leaning towards Meryl).

The funny thing is around 1/4(probably more but I kept doing requests to raise my dungeon rank) of this can all be skipped if you don’t repeatedly go back to base for no reason. It’s well beyond the amount of times you need to for story progression.

That’s about it, it’s not that the story is amazing, it’s just a decently described world compared to a lot of other novels where it’s confined to a school or a town where you only see 10 people at max. I just appreciated they actually went into any depth at all. Most characters become more enjoyable because of it as well.

Why Kanon(2006) anime is better than the visual novel, outside of one area

This pertains to Kanon(2006), I never watched the 2002 version since it kind of creeped me out. The beginning parts talk about Air and Clannad, and some exposition, you can skip the the third paragraph for the actual topic.

When I was younger, the Key anime series were a big thing. It might still be, with Rewrite, Angel Beats and Little Busters; I don’t really know and it’s not really important for the topic at hand. But Clannad, Kanon and Air were the big three, each having their own successful anime(not sure on 2002 version).
For the most part, the novel will be better than the anime but it requires a much longer time to finish. Is it worth it? That’s dependent on the person. For example, Air’s anime adaption to the main route was well done, but Kano barely has any air time(Minagi was done much better, but of course not fully due to route issues with the main route). On the other hand, I felt the final scenes in the anime was much more emotional than in the vn, even with a more developed understanding of everything(though Minagi emotional moment was done better in the vn). It’s mainly a trade of a complete experience for a much more effective time frame.
It’s kind of the same case with Clannad(this whole paragraph is about Clannad, you can skip it), the anime adaption was solid and it saves so much time compared to reading the vn. Yet, while it’s solid, it also missed a shit ton of details(some important, some not). Something not so important would be Kappei’s route, but it was a great route. Toshio is a much lesser example than Kappei, but I was also rather sad in his small route. Kotomi’s route was done better in the anime, but misses a lot of scenes that are endearing. Naoyuki was done better in the novel, and I also believe Tomoyo was done better as well. Yukine’s route, however, was much better in the anime. The rest are kind of dependent on the person, but I believe Naoyuki(MC’s dad), Tomoyo and Misae was done better in the novel. There’s other points but you get it already. Outside of these minor details, the whole story is explained better in the novel. The anime just shoves it off and basically call it magic, which kind of destroys part of Tomoya’s journey and emotional growth.

Now we’re finally hitting what I wanted to talk about, the rest was exposition like I said before. Let’s just get around to what the novel did better so it can get out of the way. I feel Nayuki and Shiori’s routes were done better in the novel than the novel. And that’s it. Makoto is a huge little shit in the novel that she’s basically a saint in the anime. Mainly because her antics keeps on going for so long. Mai’s route doesn’t really change at all, it’s basically the same. Ayu’s route isn’t as emotional in the novel as it is in the anime, at least for me. In short, I can understand why the anime can’t be as good as the novel overall. But when the anime does almost everything better, there’s almost not point in reading the novel. Outside of one point.
That point makes this novel more of a utsuge(depressing) than a nakige(crying). I’m probably wrong with it but that’s how I interpreted it. In the novel, you can cause one miracle. For example, save your aunt, save your girlfriend, etc. Now, the miracle comes from a certain girl(now called X), and she’s forever gone once it’s used, so you effectively killed her for your own reasons. The aunt is kind of situational since it only happens on Nayuki’s route, so let’s say that happens only there. So you saved your aunt, which is great, but you actually killed ‘X’, let Shiori die and Makoto is technically dead as well. You save Shiori, but now the others are dead. You’ll always have to make a sacrifice. In the anime, basically everything is A OK(my memory is fuzzy on Shiori but I think she got better too).
In short, there’s good and bad between the two, and there’s different nuances that change parts of how I see the story. I feel like the anime ended better, not because it’s an overall happier ending(which I believe so), but it was just an ending that had you care more Ayu than in the novel.

Lucy: The eternity she wished for: Short Review

This is a korean novel, so it might be a little different from I normally do.
It doesn’t have a high budget and the translation isn’t great(or tried to be too one to one leading it to be stilted). The ost is pretty good though, while mostly forgettable, it goes well with the scenes. And there is a few memorable ones alongside it anyway.

I’m always on the fence when putting in a description. Either you a;ready know, or it takes a minute to find and read it, but I guess I can shorten. You’re a guy who finds an abandoned android. You choose to save it(albeit begrudgingly) only to find out the model is extremely advanced in multiple ways. But your dad who has a stick up his ass comes along as the main conflict.

All around, the cast is kind of douchey and it does take a bit until the story gets going(when you think of its short length). Yet, when the exposition is done, it does know how to tell a story and how to tug at your heart from time to time. And most importantly, it ends strongly, even compared to some novels from well-known companies, which is what leaves the largest impression after time has passed.

Funny enough, if the last 1/4 was taken out I might call this meh. Yet, I think this is better than Planetarian in terms of what I felt during it when the last quarter is added. Is it written better, is the quality better, does it transition better, is it more interesting than Planetarian, I’d say no to all of those. But if you could only read one, I’d still choose this one.
Do check out Planetarian though, it’s quiet nice. Though I felt bad for the main character at times, stronger than what you’d assume pity, like looking at a person with leprosy.

Steins Gate 0 – The unneeded sequel


This is going to be a ramble, I’ll try to keep a straight thought process, but I might jump around.

Steins;Gate 0 can be compared with Lion King 1.5, except that’s already Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram(will now be referred as S;G Phenogram). Steins;Gate 0 is like Steins;Gate 1.98.
It’s a lengthy novel of how the timelines came to be, to create the entrance to Steins;Gate, a timeline that doesn’t end in catastrophe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really needed; What wasn’t explained in the first one, was implied well enough in the original novel. The only gripe would be this nagging feeling on why Okabe is alive when his death was (I think) a convergence point. Except the original already explained how you can trick convergence points(even though it was obvious what they were going for, and honestly a lot of the original novel is obvious(but it was charming in its own way, like observing a child trying to figure out the current dilemma even though you knew the solution for a long time)). It’s like your favorite fighting or sport anime, you know the end result, but you’re invested on how what new stupid thing they do to succeed. Going back on topic, it wasn’t really needed.

Not to say it’s a bad novel, it’s pretty good( B+ ~ A) and sometimes too good for its own good (look at that, 3 goods in one sentence). And that’s because it’s very inner monologue oriented. It’s not really about the time machine, the concept of time travel, about the new characters nor further development of the original characters. It kind of does the opposite of what S;G Phenogram did. It’s no longer about what every character is going through, but more of a window to Okabe’s mindset and how he struggles to put his life back together( something to this effect also happened in the beginning of S;G Phenogram(and honestly I felt more emotional there than here due how tragic it was)). And due to its focus being majorly on Okabe, the writing and the pace is incredibly consistent, which is great in a literary perspective, but it also gives the opportunity to bore the reader. And it can bore the reader specifically due to how the original was made. A man who was serious on one moment, to mocking, to scared while still making it feel realistic, so you can relate. 0 is a consistent downer with an interval of showing the lives of the other characters to liven it up a bit (until certain events, one of them being my favorite scene).

In short, it was a great novel, but an unnecessary novel. The reader can understand what Okabe was going through in the middle of Steins;Gate. It’s then further developed in S;G Phenogram but also added how all the other characters were going through(except I never got to finish it). Sure, did it explain it more thoroughly? Of course, but everything was implied. Do we need another novel for each important D-mail? No. And this is what it basically is, a thorough story about something that we understand in a lesser level. We understand that a laptop battery is recharged by a power adapter, but not in a technical level of how it works. We understand how Okabe got to Steins;gate, we didn’t need a 30 hour novel explaining the whole thing. It’s at the level of making novel about Faris and her life with her living parent through her D-mail, it’s not needed, we understand.

And now that the main topic is done, guess I’ll go over a few other things. The art of Okabe feels inconsistent at times, sometimes with Maho as well but in a much lower scale. But I think that might just be me. I also miss the weird design in their hair, it always felt like it had a outer space design, now it’s just normal hair.
Some of the support cast was just there for fluff for to convey other characteristics of main characters(that was already implied).

Aside from that, everything is topnotch. But my favorite thing might be the title itself, or rather how they designed it. It’s a 0, yeah, but it can also be seen as branches, or major world lines. Alpha, Beta and Omega(I’m not completely sure but I think Omega is Steins;Gate)(the one going in between). Now was it intentional, who knows, but it’s pretty neat.

“Suddenly I’m falling in love with you”: Visual Novel Review

So it’s really called Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru, except no one is going to say that. Ikikoi is what everybody calls it, I think even the launcher is called that.

Honestly, having the title be called “Somehow I fell for you” would be a better option as it gives the same meaning while also illustrating that they already have feelings for the main character. It’s in the damn description, “since there’s four heroines who are already at max affection with him”.

Anyways, to the review. It’s a really hit or miss title. It’s like one of those harem animes where the main character gets physically/verbally assaulted half the time, at least until you hit a route(and might continue onward depending on the route). And while I don’t really enjoy that type of trope after the over saturation from the past, I still quite liked most of it in this novel. More so on the Tsumugu’s more subtle way of doing it in comparison Eika or Ryou. Honestly, the worse of it comes from the first 2-3 hours of the novel, then they lessen up on it and then it’s fine. This is both a dumb and smart move. On one hand, they’re going to lose readers, as I can see people just dropping the novel all together. On the other hand, if you get stung by a bullet bee, a normal bee sting can be seen as a blessing in comparison. Basically they’re numbing you to a point where a lesser dose can be enjoyable, instead of being a constant 20~ hour annoyance.

Anyways, aside from the complaints of Eika and Ryou being little shits, there’s really nothing bad about the novel. The ost is fine, the art quality is fine and each route has their defining moments, to the point where you’ll see it as a good investment of your time.

There’s four routes, Eika, Ryou, Onigase and Tsumugu. I put them in that order because I feel that’s the best play order. Though honestly if you want the most development and coverage, I guess Ryou and then Onigase are the two that should be read. Yet, I had I had quite a bit of fun with Eika’s route, as it feels like a joke route, and Tsumugu’s route because it feels like the true route.

Eika: MC’s sister, classic tsundere, mainly the verbal kind. While I found it enjoyable, it also feels like it has more hscenes than all the other routes, but that might just be from them being close to each other. It’s also the most perverted of the routes. And while it’s interesting because it covers more of the past, you can not know about it and be fine for the overall experience. Though it is a scene I enjoyed a lot.

Ryou: MC’s cousin, also a tsundere but in a more cruel fashion(and she switches from cute to ass, which goes out of the field of classic tsundere), and is quite strict. The route has powerful scenes, but they’d then followup with a scene that kind of ruins it. Otherwise I might put it to B. She’s the meanest of the group, while being both a masochist and a sadist depending on where you are on the route. I’ll also put a spoiler part in the end explaining why the plot doesn’t make much sense if you pay attention in other routes.

Onigase: The deredere air head. It’s kind of the cliche route, but I quite like it. There’s a few action scenes and you do get to interact with the sidekicks more often in this route; And that’s great, because they’re pretty funny.

Tsumugu: Basically the weird one, but the most classy of them all. Also seems like the smartest and most experience, despite not having a formal education.
Honestly, this is probably bias as I like this character archetype. There’s no extreme moment, it’s just nice and sweet throughout. It’s more of a normal relationship than anything else.

In short, it’s a decent novel that comes with both a bundle of laughs and constantly being made fun of in the first act. My favorite is Tsumugu, alongside Karen who’s a comedy relief character that is in most if not all routes. If you like Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate then you might like this, though I think KoiChoco is better. You can also go with Majikoi if you want to go with the comedy aspect of it.

Now that the review is done, I’ll be spoiling a bit on Ryou’s route, and how it doesn’t make any sense.

In Ryou’s route, and pretty much every route, Ryou has to go to her home town for family business. Now when you go with her route, you find out that she can’t leave said hometown for the rest of her life due to family tradition. And part of the route is saving her. Now, in other routes(I believe both Tsumugu and Oginase), she comes back later on. wtf