Tsujidou’s Pure Love Road Visual Novel Review

I started reading this because I liked the concept, which I thought was about routes with characters being delinquents. I’m not really sure who wrote it(meaning, if anyone from minatosoft is writing for minatocarnival). But there are similarities between the two, but enough that they’re their own entities. This will make some people hate it all together, while others might actually like it more than the Majikoi series. I’m kind of in-between.

This novel is about delinquents; some of them reforming, some of them trying to be top dog. If that’s sounds good, then give it a try, I enjoyed it for the most part.
The ost is somewhat generic, you might remember 6~8 tracks; But there’s only 26 tracks so maybe that’s pretty good in hindsight?


The main divide(for me) might actually be on Tsujidou’s route. She’s the main route, but the most of it centralizes on the conflict between staying a delinquent or changing to be more of a “normal” person. This causes several issues but that’s what the route is. And that’s basically the real issue behind it, you most likely started the vn to go through delinquent stories(or to see hcg scenes(why)), not go through a better Grease. The route is quite endearing, there’s quite a bit of scenes that were well done. And you’ll also feel bad not picking her route, especially in Maki’s route.


Now that the main divide is covered, I’m pretty sure most people would say Maki’s route needs work. Where it actually needs work? Basically everywhere. It works better in terms of expanding both MC’s past(barely) and Tsujidou’s character than her route being anything about herself. Because her route is basically more of a nukige and her eating your food than anything else. All that aside, the last 20% is great and it’s pretty worth it just for that. Again, the main issue is that you can press skip for most of it and no plot points were lost. It makes you feel bad for not choosing Tsujidou more than expanding Maki’s character, but that was probably their intention. Maki is always referred to as an animal in terms of behavior so it’s not like she has a lot going for her.
I can compare it to Chris’s route from Majikoi. While I know a lot of people liked it, I found pretty whatever outside of the last 20%.


And then there’s Renna. The route that gives what I wanted, delinquents doing delinquent shit, even though it’s toned down half the time. Is the ending as cool as Maki’s? It’s just a different type of fight, so both win in different aspects. Thought it was plainly just more enjoyable to go through than Maki’s. But if you detest the tsundere option, then maybe ignore it.
Hanako is around more often, and she’s wonderfully useless, basically the mascot and the best character.

Tsujidou: B-, A moments around
Maki: D+, it would be an F if it wasn’t for the last 20%
Renna: B.

Main issues:
a) Tsujidou gets the spotlight, as she’s basically the common route until a flag decision. Thus Renna(and especially Maki) doesn’t get much screentime. So why would the MC pick their routes initially?
b) Maki’s route should be rewritten.
c) Hana should have a mini route(I don’t care, she’s my favorite)

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