Differences between Bunny Black 1 and 2

Note: I wanted to use a different picture, but it technically contains spoilers.
So I already wrote about Bunny Black 1, a visual novel I found surprisingly good if you can stomach some of the darker parts of it(though it’s pretty lightweight compared to others that are hard to look at). This is the sequel, it’s not as good but it has its moments. And a lot of it is probably because I(like most) enjoy the hero’s journey. But in this one you’re basically at the top, you’re just fighting a new different type of being.

The first one had a 3×3 grid for your party and the enemy team, then you can have reserve members that jump out when a block in the grid is free(meaning something died). In the second game, it’s a 2×3 grid for your team, and a huge grid for your opponent(it changes, it can be a 3×3, or it cane be like a 3×6).

The first game was somewhat unforgiving in the beginning and eventually becomes a cakewalk around 30% in(unless you picked poorly in skills, like getting status ailment resistance or getting more than one type of attack and magic). The second was actually not that hard at all in the beginning, but the difficulty ramps up slowly to the point where the final boss is rather hard if you didn’t grind.

The first one had a incremental counter for every skill, ex: heal would have 3 charges(iirc) before you have to go back home and rest to get them back, but levelling it up would increase it to 4,5, etc. The second game uses the standardized mp system, which I felt was more of a detriment than anything else. Since I could use so many skills before running out of everything unlike in the second one where I could run out of everything if I used 3-4 high grade spells.

The first one also didn’t have a limit on how many skills you can have. I don’t really remember, but I think there was around 5 pages worth, and only the ones you’d know would show up. The second one, you’d have 4, like pokemon; Except these are humans/higher beings, only 4 though.

The skill system in the first was a lot better, to me anyway. In the first one, the way to get better skills were to dump points into earlier skills. So dumping 4 points or whatever on heal would get you advanced heal. And if you dump some on that with others, you’d get heal all. This is the practice on everything(elemental magic, physical skills, stat bonuses). And it wasn’t like dumping more points was useless to begin with, since each level up would not only bump up the potency, but might increase the amount of times you can use it. In the second one, you gain better skills by levelling up. So half the time I bought nothing because in an extra 5 levels I’d probably get something better(Basically sp hording for a long time). But you could’ve always just dumped your points into stats instead of skills. I never tested it out so I’m not sure if there was a cap in upgrading your stats, but I did dump a lot for the final boss. I’d just find it funny if it was possible to dump it all on defense and just tank through everything in normal(Which is basically what I did in the first one since Darx basically leaned to that role.)
And honestly, that’s my largest gripe in this game, since the skill system was rather fun in the first and it became more standardized and boring. It’s also the same issue I had with Xenosaga 3 compared to the multiple systems in 1.

Good news is that the npcs are actually really good compared to in Bunny Black 1, you’re going to have a lot of them in your party. Bad news, if you liked trying different monsters and making a better cohesive team, there’s not much of that in the 2nd.

The rng treasure chests are gone and that’s subjective on the player. The item shop is also a lot less crappy since it’s based on paying donations instead of buying a lot of random crap to unlock better equipment to get better equipment. Now it’s just 3 accessories where you boost certain parameters. Attack/Defense/Elemental Attack/ Elemental Resistance/Speed up. The element ones were really good for me, usually one that blocks what element the boss is and pick whatever element the majority of my units are using.

In terms of story, I feel like it’s not “as” dark as the first one, but it’s also less interesting. Sure, there’s parts where he was a lot more vengeful and angry, but not as fucked up as the first one(The first one also had more comical ones to balance it out too). It felt like a story for story’s sake, but it does explain why he’s having all these kids after his first one.

I still played it a lot and finished it so it’s not like I’m saying to not bother with it. If you liked the first one, you’d like this one, but maybe not as much; Mainly because the majority of the world building has already been done in the first one alongside also already taking care of the main protagonist climbing up the ranks.

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