Princess Evangile: Short Visual Novel Review

I was looking at the list to see what I can write about. I can’t believe I never wrote on this.

Usually the problem in novels(outside of genres you just don’t like) is either it has a slow start or a poorly written conclusion(either extending the story more than needed or having it be a mess overall), but I’d have to think about it if anything did it like Princess Evangile.
The novel’s first hour is average and fine starter, but it devolves harshly. Every chapter has the same problem, that the people in the school thinks guys suck. And them thinking guys suck isn’t really my problem with it since they’re mostly idiotic sheltered people; they have no experience and just believe what they heard somewhere. The problem with the setup is that the protag does something and makes the image of guys more appealing. Only for them to take it all back and say guys suck. This happens like 6 times. It’s hours upon hours.

Now, if you can get through all that, the routes are actually not bad, some are even pretty good. And it’s not to say the whole common route is bad, there’s a good amount of decent scenes in there, even some impactful ones. My favorite is probably Ayaka.
I believe the intended route order would be Chiho/Rise > Ritsuko and then Ayaka. Mainly because both Chiho and Rise’s route cover the protag’s past so you can bring that to the other routes. Ayaka’s route doesn’t necessarily need Ritsuko’s route first, but it helps.
Both Rise and Chiho’s routes are average(C), but Ritsuko and Ayaka’s route are pretty good(probably B+).
I read the 18+ version, but honestly it’s not really needed depending on how much was written differently in Ritsuko’s route. Since it was mangagamer, I doubt that’s really an issue, it’s no moenovel.

All in all, if you like moeblobs while also liking the subgenre of being the only guy in a school, then you’d like it. It’s not really my thing, but I’ve seen people recommend it for anyone. And I’d say that’s a 50/50, because you can come out of it with a good experience. But it’s not the best either(maybe for the only guy in a school setting(wouldn’t know) but there’s better in terms of moeblobs. I hate to keep mentioning it, but try Chrono Clock if you liked this, or didn’t but feel like giving a second shot. Or go for one of the best, Symphonic Rain. Or a rare Hinata Bokko if you want something short.

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