The Michiru retcon in Grisaia 3 hurts the series for me

Note 1: This is not to say that Grisaia 3 is bad, it’s actually quite good outside of a few things that I’m not into.
Note 2: Spoilers for Grisaia 1, and how it changed in 2~3. Also, I probably forgot other points, and I might be wrong in a couple of parts. And that’s probably the part I’m afraid of, they might’ve explained a lot of the things I thought about and I just forgot about it.
Future note: So it turns out they actually made new cg for the all ages version(at least in 1). Oh well, I’d like to see the scenes for them

The retcons start in Grisaia 2, all of the girls(instead of 1, but more like 2(I feel like Makina’s issue kind of solves itself as long as she wasn’t found out for a small amount of time)) are just magically better. They take certain events from everywhere and glue them together but you don’t really know how it all happens. Did the angry dad go and hunt Amane, maybe, who knows. We know the school is going to close so you know parts of Yumiko’s route happened, but not the running away part and most likely not the standoff in the end. Honestly, I forgot if they removed Sachi blowing up the school. I do remember them saying what happened to Michiru did happen. In the end, a lot of shit happens and even then, some of them still don’t get “happy” endings. But now less was done and yet it’s better(which can happen in life but that’s generally due to different people and the experiences they bring)? It kind of lessens the tribulations each was going through if they just got better with less crazy stuff happening. They are meant to be special cases.

They also feel a lot more trope-ish in 3. Yes, it was in the first one but it’d surprise you with different sides of the character that’s normally hidden. Makina is brazen but ultimately still a kid and she needs support. Amane is horny a lot of the time, but she can get serious and pretty morbid at times. Michiru is an airhead but overall has better understanding of people’s needs than people realize, to the point where the group wouldn’t work well without her(pretty sure they actually admit that in a sidestory). But in 3, they’re mainly just the main trope; Angry loud kid, dumb kid, horny kid, way too useful/eager to help kid, loner kid, etc.

But the main issue and the only one I really care about is how they kind of retconned Michiru’s other person(I forgot her name, lol) out of the story. I think they swapped it to just mental illness, some type of multi personality that she fixed herself. And honestly, I can get if people really didn’t like that there was somehow a different personality that came into her system after a heart transplant and rather just have the the multiple personality thing since there’s nothing else supernatural in the novels. But it also took away the best scene in the first novel, where Michiru went to visit the dead girl’s mom, found the hidden drawing and gave it to her(mom).
So I could be completely wrong about the other characters and just forgot that they mentioned that most of it stayed the same, but I’d still be a piss baby because of this one missing scene that trumps the rest for me. They still could’ve gotten Michiru to meet the mom, but how would she know where to look so she could find that drawing. Why would we care if we didn’t know that the girl was pretty pissy half the time and never got to apologize and say how much she loved her mom. It wouldn’t make much sense and the impact would have been gone.

And outside of the retcon talk, I honestly didn’t like the epilogue. And I’m basing my dislike due not being a fan of the harem subgenre. Maybe to those who do actually love how it ended. I’d say you can actually play the all ages version of grisaia 3 and you won’t miss much at all, it may even shine some characters in a brighter light.
Makina, Amane and Sachi all kind of lost part of their personalities in this epilogue. Michiru and Yumiko felt like they had kept the most but degraded slightly to what their after stories had, but that’s ok. It honestly felt more like an afterthought where they just decided to give everybody one for final sex scene before it all ends.

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