Trample on Schatten: Short Visual Novel Review

Since I talked about Maitetsu last time, where it was basically a loveletter to trains. This time I’ll talk about Schatten, a love letter to kamen rider(or just sentai in general) shows. Where things are melodramatic, the action goes everywhere and everything is just cheesy, and I love it because of it. And it’s because I watched those shows when I was a kid and it’s extremely nostalgic and I was beaming with joy when things weren’t going creepy.

I’m not really going to be talking about the story, the synopsis handles it pretty well and it’s basically just a tv show with a plotline and plot development that’s surprisingly decent.
You’ll forget the casual songs, but the ones during combat were awesome; a few sound like they’d come from megaman x. The OP is actually one of the weaker ones to me. The art isn’t something to write home about most of the time, but it does capture the emotion of the scene quite well.
The branch system is pretty much the same as in 11eyes, where there’s a timeline for each character and each has their own perspective(normally leading to their own route). The side routes are hit or miss. The plotwist was handled pretty well outside of the what ifs that kind of detract from the whole experience. The whatifs are pretty rapey and doesn’t really correlate to the plot. Sure, all of those are optional, but what if they led to a future event that turns out to be exceptional. Honestly, the person that added them has some kind of rape fetish since that’s like 2/3 of the porn.
It deserves a 7, but I’m giving it an 8 for nostalgic sake on the kamen rider/sentai shows.

The easiest title to compare it to would be Dengeki Stryker. Stryker is a lot more like a classic while Schatten is the edgy passionate one from the 80s. Both have their ups and downs but this one has a lot less of those consecutive slice of life scenes between the action ones.
Usually you’d get the vns from steam or mangagamer, but this time you have to get it from Jast.

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