Actually on time VNs I’ve read in 2019

Most liked:

Trample on Schatten:

It’s not the most amazing vn; I think I gave it a 7 in vndb since there’s a lot of sex scenes that were not only just jammed in there for marketing, but were also not my taste. Overall it’s just an unapologetic sentai romp and I love it for that. It takes awhile to get there, but the moments are great.

Nanairo Reincarnation:

You’re basically a spirit counselor/detective. You find ghosts who stay on earth and you figure out why and figure out how to make them accept it and ascend.
The side routes are iffy(especially a specific one) but short when you consider a good chunk is the same. The main route is solid though.


Sankaku Ren’ai: Love Triangle Trouble:

This is a memege, it’s all about the memes. And it succeeds, all the while till the common story ends. Then it’s total shit, the protag just becomes more annoying, sometimes the heroine too. And the thing is, the all ages version might be better, since the most annoying scenes are the porn scenes.

Under One Wing:

This one is the disappointing one. I was expecting a not as good Konosora, but I got a mediocre story and the plane info dump was lackluster to boot. Mimari and Kazusa routes were decent, while Jinno was 90% porn. The art is pretty good though.

The weird ones out:

Dies Irae:

This is edge in vn form, and the fights are pretty cool. But I’m on the fence since the MC is such a huge wet noodle, but then Shirou and Bey are my boys. One of the main villains talks ad nauseam, but I like the other one. The first route is awful, the second route is much better but it’s still far off from what the 3rd and 4th routes provide. And go for the Amentes version, the two epilogues makes it way better than the Acta est Fabula version. One of them actually felt needed to finish the story.

Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ / Wonderful Days ~Discontinuous Existence~ :

Honestly I thought this was going to be one of those “look at me I’m smart” vns, but it was pretty cool. I’m not sure if the Takuji twists are meant to be twists to the reader and I’m assuming it’s not, since Ayana is way more interesting to think about throughout the chapters.
The reason why it’s in here instead of in the most liked is because of the first half of the 3rd chapter and the majority of the 4th chapter. Where I feel like out of the 7 chapters, those two take 1/2 of the vn, and most of it is just the writer having a huge hardon for a specific subject and he keeps going on and on about it to the point where I’m just saying “ok I get it, let’s get on with the story now”. It’s also the two chapters where you experience tonal whiplash and on some level, it’s expected. However, it also felt like the author noticed they focused too much and tried to lighten the mood but it could’ve just been more concise. But if you can get past those two parts then it’s a fun ride till the end. I think I gave it an 8, it would be a 9 or probably even a 10 if those issues I’ve experienced were removed. There’s most likely aspects I just don’t understand since I’m not well-read on philosophy, I’m in the crime and mystery corners.
And now that I see that I wrote this much, it feels like I should probably do a Little Busters and move it to the top even after my grievances, but I feel it’s more interesting this way. I left everything vague since it’s experienced better with a blank slate.

The rest:

In order by what I think was either objectively better or more fun to read

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
This could be on the most liked, and it’s pretty close. But I had a hard time on the first route, Tusugumi is just not interesting and I was assuming there’d be more to her considering she gets the central focus on the covers. Outside of that, it’s generally a fluffy good time. The twists aren’t going to surprise you, but that’s fine since the focus is on the main character. The character I was interested in the most got put as a short side route, but outside of her and the main character, I think I liked Kana’s route the most.
The World’s Most Forbidden Love
Another one that could’ve and probably should be in the most liked. Mainly because it follows an adult with responsibilities, so I can actually relate. The guy is a mess but it didn’t hit my limit, he’s just too much of a good guy for no reason. Some of the routes are iffy but overall it’s a pretty cool vn.
Alchemy Meister
It’s mainly a combo of an easy srpg and an atelier game, and atelier is my jam. The plot isn’t something to write home about, and some of the ng+ levels aren’t tuned well. One of them requires you to not only to use two guest characters to kill 4 bosses(with their own respective element)(they revive if anyone else kills them), they also can’t faint/die at all and the bosses while being in the right level range, will ohko you. But the character interaction is a good time, but it’s a huge timesink if you’re going for 100% cg.
Had potential on being great, but it has tonal whiplash in almost every route. It basically fucks around with the reader, sometimes a concept is presented and talked about for ten minutes and then denied right after by the person who brought it up. It’s the worst near the end of Sarah’s route and has a lot of it in Rinne’s route. The last route that branches into two endings didn’t really need to exist when you can see what the reveal in the first branch of routes. A choice right at the end of Winter that leads to two minor different cg would have sufficed.
If you love me then say so
The choice system is pretty cool in this one. All three characters are annoying in some fashion, but they all have their moments that make them shine. It’s also interesting that once you finish a route, you can go back and get the option to go out with that one earlier leading to more scenes.
From the same company as the one above. Some of the characters are better, but there’s also one that pretty much has brain damage. The moments aren’t as good as the one above, but the story is better fleshed out due to it being more linear(I think you can gameover in if you love me).
I came in expecting it’s just a moege, and it completely is, it’s like 100% moe concentrate. But the protag is pretty funny in the stupid kind of way and it was honestly my favorite part of the novel. Hamster girl is my favorite due to a few specific lines near the end. I gave it a 6+2, which means there was nothing really here that surprised or interested me, but it’s great if all you wanted was a moege.
I saw people that really liked this, but it’s just not for me. The train info dump didn’t get me interested in trains and I’m not into lolis for the most part. The artstyle and music is something worthy to talk about though. I’d say the engine is too, but there’s sections where you can have two characters interact and then it looks off, a cg would’ve been better for those situations. Honestly, get the all ages version. Sometimes it felt like the protage mentally regressed and it was offputting.
The premise was cool, and there’s good moments in there. But overall it was a lackluster experience. There’s some great tracks in there though, it can pass for persona 4 songs
Love Cube
It’s a porn game, and it does it well. The story while nothing remotely new felt like it had effort considering people would buy it just for the porn.
Chuusotsu: 1st Graduation
It’s not bad but also nothing to write home about. It feels like something I could write.
Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou
Basically a porn game where to take control of all the schools, but all you want to do is make kids so the government will pay you more money. It’s less cool less raunchy rance with different and simpler gameplay.
KuruKuru Fanatic
Yandere the game, it’s basically trolling the reader the whole time. And it’s not down here because of that, I laughed quite a bit but I’d never recommend it unless you’re looking for a kusoge(and I was). The best comparison I can make is like it’s a really bad Drakoi
Tropical Liquor
Basically just a memory minigame with 1 minute scenes. It’s better than Puniyo party at least. But I wasn’t expecting anything anyway.

And that’s my 20 vns for the year. Hurray

4 thoughts on “Actually on time VNs I’ve read in 2019

  1. It’s kind of a catch all when my vocab fails me or I don’t want to go on about it, I think questionable is a better word for it.
    It usually means the route quality is widely inconsistent leaning or that the routes lean towards below average.
    But I also use it when it’s about how they used routes. Like in Nanairo, all the side routes are similar so it’s more of a way to add fanservice than to give a fuller experience. Comyu is a good example, there’s a route that doesn’t develop it, and there’s another route where most of it is handled in the true route, so I’d call the routes iffy even though I liked the other two.


    • I see. Thank you for the explanation. I was on the fence about reading Nanairo before, but I guess I can skip it. As for Comyu, I think I only read two routes of that game before dropping it since I’m pretty sure there was an enforced reading order.


      • Nanairo is actually pretty good, it’s just all the side routes feel like an inferior version of the true route.
        Comyu has a default 1st route, then you can choose between 3 routes. It’s just the true route just opens up when all the routes are done


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